Historical geovisualization using ArcGIS Web apps

Jonathan Van Dusen, Esri Canada

Map viewer

  • "Mash up" geodata and basemaps
  • Change symbology, labels, popups
    • Smart Mapping
  • Perform analysis
  • Share:
    • Configurable apps
    • Story Maps
    • Web AppBuilder

Time-aware maps

  • Publish time-enabled layer from ArcGIS for Desktop
    • ​Single date field
    • Two date fields (range)
  • Time Settings:
    • Playback speed
    • Time bounds
    • Interval

Configurable app templates

  • Publish from map viewer using existing map
  • Download templates from GitHub; customize using HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Time Aware configurable app

Story Map Journal

Story Map Swipe

Story Map Tour

Story Map Cascade (beta)

Combining templates


Iain Greensmith


Jonathan Van Dusen


Brent Hall


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