EITA= Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility

Background Information

Spring 2012

An OCR complaint filed against the University of Montana

March 2014

UM signs a resolution agreement with the US Dept of Education, OCR

Why is accessibility important?

  • Education is our business

  • Academic freedom for everyone

  • Technology is frequently our educational medium

  • It's the law

Section 508 of Rehabilitation Act

Accessibility is proactive, whereas accommodation is reactive.

2010 "Dear Colleague" Letter

Equally Effective Alternative

means that the alternative format or medium communicates the same information in as timely a fashion as does the original format or medium.

Everything can be made accessible

Strategy at the

University of Montana

Step 1: Self Study/Audit

  • Websites/Web pages
  • Documents
  • Instructional materials
  • Media
  • Software, hardware, and software systems

Step 2: Corrective Action Plan

Step 3: Get to work!

  • First step: Meet standards
  • Second step: Ensure that accessibility works

  • Third step: Ongoing accommodation & accessibility are a part of baseline operations


  • Establish Accessibility Expert on campus
  • Prioritize the accessibility of items that see consistent, long term use
  • Identify what is inaccessible & create a Contingency Plan


  • eReserves are made available in Moodle
  • Website redesign was a lot of work
  • Computers are equipped with Read, Write, Gold and ABBIE Fine Reader
  • Collecting eResources information.
  • Library Accessibility


  • Link to accessibility website on every webpage
  • Staff training in WCAG 2.0 Standards
    • Failure to complete training = Loss of web editing privileges
  • Many resources available, including training courses and guides

Considerations and Recommendations

  • Include a link to accessibility website on every webpage
  • Handouts
  • LibGuides
  • ScholarWorks
  • Primo
  • Blog
  • SharePoint
  • Physical spaces- renovations?


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