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24 January 2018

Visualisation Berlin


M 670,60 C 110,50 250,440 530,415

Béziers connect two points with a smooth curve. The C curveto command takes three coordinates: a control point for the current position, a control point for the next position and the new position itself. M 670,60 C 110,50 250,440 530,415 starts at 680,60 and moves to 530,415 along a path determined by the control points.

Builds up, from simple to complex

Mix of text, visuals and interactives

Make abstract concrete (no formulas)

Interactive model/formula parameters



People currently think of text as information to be consumed. I want text to be an environment to think in.

What to do?

1. Examples


Almost everywhere, you can see static explanations begging to be brought to life

2. Tools


Explorable explanations won't catch on if they're difficult to author

3. Culture


How do we make readers demand explorable explanations, and reject static text?


Explorable Explanations | Visualisation Berlin

By maartenzam

Explorable Explanations | Visualisation Berlin

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