Cheyney Group Design and Development Products and Services (Part 2)

Abrasive Cutting Wheels

Abrasive cutting wheels spin at extremely high velocities such that anomalies in the density of the wheel (that is, uneven or low-density regions within it) can pose danger to users. Cheyney has integrated x-ray measurement of a wheel’s mass with laser measurement of its thickness in order to precisely map the density across the entire thing. In essence, the process determines the spot density of each point all over a 0.5-mm matrix across the entire surface of the wheel. The system ends up with more than half a million points scanned on each wheel, as part on an in-line inspection and quality control process.

The entire procedure is utilized as part of a monitoring process to ascertain an even deposition of the abrasive material in finished products.

In general, Cheyney offers a 3-tiered service to its customers utilizing their x-ray equipment. The first is the design and manufacture of automatic x-ray inspections systems suitable for a particular need. It can also provide rental of x-ray systems, metal detectors, check-weighers, and combination systems of these previously-mentioned machines. Finally, it can provide x-ray services under a contract agreement. Hence, whether or not you have the capital to acquire these equipment, any company can still perform the necessary inspection procedures under rental or service-contract options.

Cheyney certainly knows to cover the market needs with its versatile 3-tiered packages. In fact, Cheyney is in the process of launching a new program in the near future that can provide support, training and local service facilities in the North of England. As its products are expanding, the company is also expanding its market scope to benefit more and more localities in UK.

Seeing how Cheyney adapts to the needs of industries by adjusting its capability to provide those needs, clients are assured that they have a company that will meet their requirements to the smallest detail. Efficiency and safety are not merely measurements of a company’s concern for its clients; they are the marks of true professional workmanship in all areas.

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