My Life as a WordPress Freelancer

The Good, The Bad and the Unexpected

Who am I?!

  • Freelance Web Developer, WordPress Specialist
  • Working since 2005
  • Started with Macromedia Flash MX 2004 (ActionScript)
  • Dynamic Content: Server-side <=> XML <=> Flash
  • Got into ASP.NET, SQL Server, Oracel
  • Moved to Open Source
  • Tried many PHP CMSs and Frameworks
  • Started with WordPress version 2.8 and loving it
  • Joined Codeable in Dec 2015 and what a ride!

Nabeel Molham

The Good

  • Freedom
  • Revenue
  • Personal Branding
  • Experience
  • Relationships
  • Improvements

The Bad

  • Keeping Organized
  • Stable income at first
  • Handling Bad clients
  • Scope Creep
  • Social Acceptance
  • Loneliness
  • Travel Restrictions

The Unexpected!

Joined Codeable

  • Strong & helpful community
  • No bidding on price
  • Clean & healthy competition
  • Colleagues more than Competitors
  • High Quality Jobs & Services
  • Amazing support staff
  • High Revenue
  • Long-term clients relationships

"Codeable has enabled my business to scale larger projects. I strategically outsource the more advanced and/or time consuming tasks to my trusted developers at Codeable."

Evan Henry - BisonTech

“Codeable has been instrumental in growing my business. When I use Codeable, I know I’m leaving my projects in capable hands. There is no alternative when looking for WordPress professionals.”

Robert Cekan - TrueResident

"High quality work and communication with the right people in the right place."

Thomas Loyens - Maxenta

“Codeable, above anything else, has completely changed the way I run my business. Being able to hire reputable, knowledgeable, and efficient developers, not only saves me time but also produces a better overall product.”

Josh Hillman - Simply Anchored

What my clients think of Codeable?

"Being an Expert at Codeable is already a kind of pride on WP Market."

Surendra Shrestha

"I made more money on Codeable alone in 1 year than I have doing contract work outside of Codeable"

Jay Tillery

"Is like having a super agent who provides work 24/7 (which normal agents don't do), at the right price."

Alexandra Spalato

"Working on Codeable is like standing on the shoulders of giants thanks to all the Codeable team!"

Luca Ottolini

What my fellow Experts think of Codeable?

"It is like the Codeable agent has gone out there and brought us the jobs we will want to go for as experts."

Liam Bailey


The perfect opportunity comes to whom is ready of it

Nabeel Molham

Questions? Reach out!


My Life as a WordPress Freelancer: The Good, The Bad and the Unexpected

By Nabeel Molham

My Life as a WordPress Freelancer: The Good, The Bad and the Unexpected

I would be sharing my experience on working as a Freelancer WordPress Expert @ for over 2 years and how it has changed my life. I hope to inspire others to work hard and smart and pursue their life goals.

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