Pure CSS cross browser animations for fun and profit

Camp Digital

Thursday April 23rd


Ben Holden


Liam Richardson


What you'll learn...

By the end of this presentation, you'll have learned how to...

  • Create subtle transitions
  • Create complex animations
  • Animate SVG's


Let's begin our whistle stop tour!

A brief history of animation on the web


All hail Flash

... Oh

R.I.P in peace, Flash

The open web

A note about code...

Onto the fun stuff...

6 essential lessons

Want to do animation? Pure CSS is the way forward

Lesson 1


Transitions allow you to create smooth, subtle animations with ease

Lesson 2

.button {
    transition: background 1s ease;

The transition property can be triggered by any kind of "state" change


JavaScript prompted class change

The transition property allows you to smoothly affect an element when changing from one state to another 

Hover me!

Hover me!

    transition: background 1s all;

    background: white;
    background: pink;


That was easy! What's the code?

.button {
    transition: background 1s ease;

    background: white;

Animation made easy

.button {
    transition: background 1s ease;

    background: white;

.button:hover {
    background: pink;
transition-property: width;
transition-duration: 1s;
transition-timing-function: linear;
transition-delay: 2s;
transition: width 1s linear 2s;
transition: width 2s, height 2s, transform 2s;
transition: all 2s linear;

Sass <3

@mixin transition($transition-property, $transition-time, $method) {
    transition: $transition-property $transition-time $method;

What can you use it on?

Supports 81 properties


Classed as "Animatable"

Ok, so what CAN'T you use it on?


  • background-image (sort of works, sometimes)
  • float
  • height or width using the value auto (currently both values must be a length or percentage)
  • display between none and anything else
  • position between static and absolute

When should you use it?

On the majority of projects?


  • As little as possible
  • As subtly as possible

Buttons and links

Image transitions

Smooth UI

What about "REAL" animation?


@keyframes mymove {
    from {top: 0px;}
    to {top: 200px;}

Keyframes allow you to create amazing animations that work

seamlessly across

modern browsers

Lesson 3

How do keyframes work?

Keyframes are essentially a  list of what the animation should do over a defined period of time

Let's see them in action

How did that work?

.car {
  animation-name: drive;
  animation-duration: 2s;

@keyframes drive {
  from {margin-left: 0px;}
  to {margin-left: 400px;}

CSS @keyframes

@keyframes drive {
  from {margin-left: 0px;}
  to {margin-left: 400px;}

@keyframes %

@keyframes drive {
  0% {margin-left: 0px;}
  50%{margin-left: 400px;}
  100% {margin-left: -200px;}

Properties, properties, properties

  • animation-delay
  • animation-direction
  • animation-duration
  • animation-fill-mode
  • animation-iteration-count
  • animation-name
  • animation-play-state
  • animation-timing-function





So many options

  • linear
  • ease
  • ease-in
  • ease-out
  • ease-in-out
  • cubic-bezier(n,n,n,n)

What can you change using @keyframes?

The same 81 properties that you can influence with transition can be changed with @keyframes as well

When should you use it?

On projects that require additional visual "flair" or engagement that traditional methods can't provide.


  • As little as possible
  • As subtly as possible
  • Ensure the design doesn't rely on it

Adding fluidity to an otherwise static design

Creating visual flair

Enhancing dull UI's

Doing something crazy


Seriously, do something crazy

SVG + CSS animation = Awesomeness

SVG's are potentially the future of web graphics, and give CSS animation

super powers

Lesson 4

My god, it's full of code...

Code you can apply classes too!

  <rect class="background" fill="#D03E27" width="400" height="400" />

  <path class="letter" fill="#F4F4F4" d="M60.858,129...." />
  <path class="letter" fill="#F4F4F4" d="..." />

Allowing you to do cool stuff!

.path {
  stroke-dasharray: 1000;
  stroke-dashoffset: 1000;
  animation: dash 5s linear alternate infinite;

@keyframes dash {
  from {
    stroke-dashoffset: 1000;
  to {
    stroke-dashoffset: 0;

A larger playset - SVG

only properties

clip-rule, flood-color, flood-opacity, stop-opacity, kerning, tech-anchor, color-profile, color-rendering, fill, fill-opacity, fill-rule, marker, marker-end, marker-mid, marker-start, stroke, stroke-width, stop-color, lighting-color, enable-background, dominant-baseline, color-interpolation-filters, color-interpolation, glyph-orientation-horizontal, glyph-orientation-vertical, shape-rendering, baseline-shift, alignment-baseline, stroke-miterlimit, stroke-linejoin, stroke-linecap, stroke-dashoffset, stroke-dasharray, stroke-opacity

...but what about the profit?!

Lesson 5

Animation + UX = Conversion = Profit

"When used as more than just a subtle design detail, animation can provide cues, guide the eye, and soften the sometimes-hard edges of web interactions. It can improve the user experience."


Val Head, A List Apart

Subtle cues...

Stop waiting around, get creating!

Lesson 6

Get experimenting

with transitions!

Get creating with @keyframes!

Webkit, you silly thing

/* Chrome, Safari, Opera */
@-webkit-keyframes myfirst {
    0%   {background: red;}
    25%  {background: yellow;}
    50%  {background: blue;}
    100% {background: green;}

/* Standard syntax */
@keyframes myfirst {
    0%   {background: red;}
    25%  {background: yellow;}
    50%  {background: blue;}
    100% {background: green;}

Additional reading

  • http://valhead.com/book/
  • http://slides.com/sarasoueidan/styling-animating-svgs-with-css#/
  • http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2014/11/03/styling-and-animating-svgs-with-css/
  • http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2014/04/15/understanding-css-timing-functions/

Thank you! Any questions?



Pure CSS cross browser animations for fun and profit V2

By Liam Richardson

Pure CSS cross browser animations for fun and profit V2

The accompanying slides for mine and Ben Holden's talk on CSS animations and transitions, presented at Camp Digital in Manchester on Thursday 23rd April, 2015.

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