• Thanasis Polychronakis

  • CTO at INSIGHT REPLAY, a US Sports Startup

  • Consulting startups on setting up their operations

  • Founder of SKGTech NPO

What is SKGTech

  • Thessaloniki's Tech Community

  • Developers, Designers, Founders...

  • We make it our job to connect everyone

  • Founded Mar 2014

  • Non Profit Organization

Thessaloniki Tech Communities

Community Actions

What are the actions and projects of the communities?

Community Actions

  • Happens twice per year

  • Unites and empowers the Creative community

  • Raises the collective expertise

Community Actions

  • Happens once per month

  • Unites and empowers the Startup community

  • Connects and educates founders

Community Actions

  • Thessaloniki's Hackerspace

  • ~120 Square Meters

  • 40 people presentation setup

  • Self Funded

Community Actions

  • 2014 Apr & Nov

  • Ignited local communities

  • Communities talk with each other

Community Actions

  • 2014 Nov

  • Installed 400 client capacity WiFi

  • Crowdfunded €1.000,00

  • Installed Internet too!

Municipality WiFi

Community Actions

  • 14 International Speakers - 2 Tracks

  • 2nd happens at 20th May

  • 400 Attendees - 60€ ticket

  • World Class Sponsors

The Business Side

  • We do all that in our free time...

  • Here's what we do professionally

Thessaloniki Tech Communities

  • 90% are professionals

  • Nearly 0% unemployment

  • World Class experience

  • This is our talent pool

The Business Side

Scalable, Launched and Funded Startups

  • Online booking via facebook
  • $13m Raised
  • Online training platform
  • $4m Raised
  • Visual commerce platform
  • $300k Raised
  • Casual games producer
  • $500k Raised
  • Simulation for electric designs
  • $150k Raised + ΤΒΑ

The Business Side

The rest...

  • Early stage and Stealth Startups

  • Remote Workers / Freelancers

  • Remote Teams

  • Outsourced Operations in SKG

The Ecosystem

  • Talent Pool / community

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Access to funds

  • Infrastructure

We're on it 👍

It's ok...

Healthy Supply

Can do better

The Ecosystem

  • High Speed Internet

  • Tax System

  • Physical Spaces

  • Travel Connectivity

The Infrastructure?

The Space

  • We have come so far...

  •  ...the next step is a space for all the tech, startup and design communities to make it their home!

The Space

We have collectively put a lot of thought in this...

  • Location needs to be at city center

  • A spacious co-working space

  • A cafeteria space

  • Office space for companies

  • Presentation theater for at least 100

  • Bonus: The Lab, laser cutters, 3d printers, etc

To Summarise

  • We are hyper-active and self-sustained

  • We are innovators, we are the recipients of Policies and Actions towards innovation

  • Yet, nobody asked us if that's what we wanted

  • You can change that, be relevant

Thank you!

Thanasis Polychronakis


Thanasis Polychronakis


By thanpolas


A mini presentation about SKGTech and Thessaloniki's tech space

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