code stories


a year of technical blogging









maybe no one is reading.

maybe no one will.

maybe it doesn't matter.


i just write for me.

people started

people started are still reading!


Human beings

love stories

good technical writing


good storytelling

technical writing


not exciting.

but we should all do it!

🐥 written rubber-duck debugging 

📝 documentation of you

😜 ridiculously awesome resume   

📣 open source education

what do i write?

what if it sucks?

ugh, nvm.

yo, this is so intimidating.


how do i start?

1/  what do you WANT to learn?

what do i write?

2/ what did you recently learn?

3/ what did you recently build?

4/ what weird shit did you recently stumble upon?

writing is a lot easier when you aren't worried about who is reading

how do i start?

have a conversation about the problem

how do i start?

walk through different things to try

explore & unpack how it works

be yourself 👻

what if it sucks?

I think that a good story is one that says,

we’re both human beings,

confer about it a little bit at a very high non-bullshitty level?

we’re in this crazy situation called life that we don’t really understand,

- George Saunders

can we put our heads together and

at many different levels,

good storytelling shows

empathy 🌎

humility  🌻

good storytelling shows

technical blogging

We need more storytellers

Get it down.

Take chances.

It may be bad, 

but it’s the only way you can do anything really good.

 – William Faulkner

thank you! 😬

Code Stories: A Year Of Technical Blogging

By Vaidehi Joshi

Code Stories: A Year Of Technical Blogging

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