Enterprise Serverless

Part 1 - The New Arms Race

and Resistance is Futile

Yun Zhi Lin

  • VP of Engineering @Contino
  • Architect and Builder of amaysim Microverse
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Rancher Partner and Debater
  • Author of Serverless Golang

Talk to me about Enterprise Serverless

during Re:Invent 2017 FS Industry Day @Venetian

  • What is "Serverless"

  • Why Lambda

  • Common Concerns

  • Demo

What is "Serverless"

There is no such thing?

"Serverless" is just a Name

That describes:

  • Highest level of Abstraction
  • Smallest Unit of Compute and Deployment
  • Typically Event Driven
  • Don't pay for Idle Resources (except storage)

Which results in:

  • Lower Costs and Maintenance
  • Speed and Scalability to market
  • Focus on Business Feature and Value

Logical Evolution of Cloud Computing

Source: IBM Bluemix

AAS Spectrum

If Code needs a Room

Infrastructure as a Service

Containers as a Service

Platform as a Service

Functions as a Service

Why Lambda

  • Update: Azure now supports Python and PHP
  • Orchestrators: AWS Step Function, Azure Logic App

Mature AWS Ecosystem

Abundant Event Sources

  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Kinesis Streams
  • Amazon Kinesis Firehose
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service
  • Amazon Simple Email Service
  • Amazon Cognito
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Amazon CloudWatch Log
  • Amazon CloudWatch Events
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Amazon Lex
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • AWS IoT Button
  • Amazon CloudFront

But Wait, There's More!

Common Lambda Use Cases

Enterprise Ready

amaysim Speed to Market

rapid expansion: internet, energy and device store < 12 months

Originally presented at Serverless Conf NYC 2017

Common Concerns



  • Automated Cloud Governance
  • Real time compliance
  • Check out Cloud Custodian by Capital One

What about 3rd party High Level Services?

Not Invented Here

Embrace the world of Service-ful

Vendor Lock-In

  • Functions are different to VMs in a Service-ful, API driven world
  • Lambda complements AWS solution. Not the other way around
  • Pick a Cloud, or two and leverage the best Services they offer
  • A Multi Cloud situation Functions can still call APIs or SDKs
  • Serverless Framework can help to migrate if/when necessary

Fast Follower Syndrome

  • Let everyone else in our Industry do it first


The Code

> npm install -g serverless
> sls install \
    -u https://github.com/serverless/examples/tree/master/aws-node-rest-api-with-dynamodb \
    -n todos-api
> cd tods-api
> npm install
> sls deploy

We will build and deploy a similar API to the Users API that was hacked together during Iot Hackathon at ServerlessConf NYC 2017


  • Serverless empowers cheaper, faster and focused business features to market
  • Lambda is a powerful tool for AWS-centric solutions


In the next talk, I will dive into detailed

implementation and overcoming practical challenges


Enterprise Serverless

By Yun Zhi Lin

Enterprise Serverless

Enterprise Serverless Part 1 - The New Arms Race and Resistance is Futile

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