Intro to the Block Editor

WordCamp Sacramento 2019

Presented by: Matt Cromwell


The What, Where, When, and Why of






New(ish) block-based editor, but soon to be full-page or even SITE editor


Launched late 2018, but continuing to evolve

A more modern and unified content writing experience for all WordPress users

What is going to happen to my

Existing Content?

What is going to happen to my

Existing Content?

What should I know about creating

New Content?

Live Demo Time!!!

What should I know about

Theme Support?

  • Gutenberg styles a lot out of the box
  • If things don't look quite right, bug your theme authors to support the block editor.
  • You can also add this custom CSS to support "wide" and "full" width images.

Will I be able to use my

Favorite Plugins?

  • ...maybe!? It's complicated
  • There is already a lot of plugins supporting Gutenberg
    • GiveWP
    • Yoast
    • Gravity Forms
  • Shortcodes will still work
  • There's a wave of new plugins already too (Verious will talk about this)

The future of WordPress page editing

What's in Store?

Matt Cromwell

Partner and Head of Support and Outreach at​