Should Batman Kill the Joker? A dive into Argumentative Essays

To make the essay writer write free of doubts and confusion about writing the argumentative essay, I have decided to use an argumentative essay on one of the most popular duos of Batman and the Joker.  Everyone is familiar with these DC characters from young to old.




The introduction consists of three parts:

  • Brief background: There should be an introduction just like an write my essay to the topic in general.

  • Hook: It captures the audience’s attention and makes the reader read further.


Body Paragraphs


  • Topic sentence: Each paragraph will start with the topic sentence where the writer explains what part of the argument the paragraph will discuss.


  • Examples: Each argument will be backed with evidence and solid ideas.


The conclusion will enumerate the salient arguments and reach a logical conclusion at the end.


Using the essay on ‘Should Batman Kill the Joker’ we will argue from both sides as we dive into the various moral philosophy thought schools.


Dissection of the Essay


[The Hook]The world of comics is vast and ever-expanding. The storyline of the comics follows heroes and villains as they clash in cities with the same social dynamics as ours.


[Brief intro]This fictional interaction gives us a great platform to question and discuss situations and scenarios in the light of moral philosophy without having to live it.


[Thesis Statment]One such scenario that tickles our moral philosophy comes from DC’s Batman comics. Should Batman kill the Joker or should he not? A question that I will answer in the light of Utilitarianism, Deontology, and Virtue Ethics.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An Argumentative Essay is a form of Persuasive essay where you have to come to a conclusion about the argument at hand. Unlike a persuasive essay where you are not required to explore the other side of the argument. The essay writing service,  will  explain both or all the sides before coming up with a final conclusion.

Body Paragraph

Paragraph 1


[Topic Sentence]: As per Utilitarianism’s ‘end justify the means’, Batman should kill the Joker as it will save countless lives in the future.


[Argument]:  As saving countless lives is favourable then losing them, the ‘morally obligated’ action is deemed morally right. In obligating the killing, Batman demonstrates what is known as ‘Ethical Altruism’: he takes on the psychological damage in order to save plenty in the future.


Paragraph 2


[Topic Sentence]:  The deontology school of thought would outright reject the idea of Batman killing the Joker. To Deontologists the ends never justify the means, and the many lives saved don’t justify the killing.


[Argument]: Batman has suffered himself in the hands of the Joker, especially when Jason Todd was killed by Joker; Yet, Batman never opted to kill Joker. However, according to the deontology, Batman killed Joker out of dire self-defence. In other words, the killing was fine but under special circumstances.


Paragraph 4


[Topic Sentence]: To kill an individual would be the wrong thing to do for a person with motivation is to stop the exact thing from happening elsewhere.

[Argument]: In accordance with the Aristotelian virtue ethics, a character should do acts of virtue only. For this, the character of a person should never contradict in action. If Batman kills, there won’t be any difference between him and the villains he is fighting.


Utilitarianism holds that he should kill the Joker for the greater good, the Deontology school disagrees saying the act of killing is wrong and will remain so. While Aristotelian ethics and virtue hold that killing would mean a contradiction and a loss of character. Batman should not kill the joker because he cannot become what he is fighting against.