What is it?

  • Question Based Learning System
  • Quiz Game
  • Community

Key Benefits

  • Take individual questions and learn from the answers and explanations
  • Submit new questions to really understand a topic
  • Take a Public Quiz and prove your prowess
  • Compete with your mates in Multiplayer mode
  • Create a Private Test for your colleagues, candidates, or students

Key Features

  • Questions get harder as you play (RUN mode)
  • Content is peer reviewed (REVIEW mode)
  • Leaderboards
  • Reputation

Quick Demo

Project Perspective




  • Hassan Murtaza
  • Stefan Popadic
  • Lazar Stojiljkovic

and many more..

Allan Bowe
Project Lead

Mobeen Ashraf
Chief Developer

Darko Crnic
Test Master



Functional Perspective


  • JIRA ticket created
  • Ticket sized, prioritised, added to sprint
  • Tests & code written in dedicated branch
  • PR -> Development
  • Integration test in STG environment
  • PR -> UAT 
  • Complete / End to end testing (manual) 
  • If no significant issues, deploy to Production


  • Backend - RSpec
  • Frontend - Jest (embedded framework)
    • ReactTestRenderer
    • Sinon -used to map/test function (eg if a function was called - how many times it was called)
  • Manual
    • Google Sheets!
    • Personal devices..
    • BrowserStack


  • MkDocs - https://www.mkdocs.org/
    • Github Pages
    • ONE doc repo -> MANY doc sites
      • docs.sasensei.com
      • docs.ruby.cards
      • docs.pilot.cards
  • Swagger API

Technical Perspective


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