Building Awesome Actions for the Google Assistant

DevFest DC

9 Oct 2017

Allen Firstenberg

Software developer / Consultant


Google Developer Expert for Assistant, IoT, Wearables, Identity

What are we talking about?

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What is the Google Assistant?

A conversation

between you and Google that helps you get things done

in your world.

What are Actions on Google?

Actions on Google is the API

that lets you engage in conversations

with other services

through the Google Assistant.

Let's Build an Action

What Personality Should it Have?

What's in a Name?

Scripting and Input Processing


Intents, Parameters,

Context, and Memory



Other Surfaces

Other Important Bits

Who Cares?


  • Voice is a new and powerful tool
  • Think outside the dialog box
  • Develop a personality
  • Script the conversation
  • Context is Queen
  • Separate your request and response from your business logic
  • Start with voice - and then go further
  • Keep an ear on what people are doing


Keep talking to others - we're all still learning!


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Stack Overflow: actions-on-google


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