Pros and Cons of Knightsbridge Dry Cleaners

Knightsbridge dry cleaners is located in the London region of Greater London. There are at least fifteen other such listings in this London region. You can get your dry cleaning needs met at one of these locations. If you do not live in or near London, you can choose another location.

The location of the shop is a plus for many consumers. It allows them the ability to shop when it makes convenient for them. For instance, Knightsbridge dry cleaners is open for two hours daily during weekdays and two hours on weekends. On weekdays, they are open late in most of the working day. This makes it possible for people to come in and shop when it makes sense for their schedule.

Consumers should also consider the location's proximity to other businesses. Some dry cleaners are very small, but others are quite large. This means that it is easier for someone to walk from their home to the shop. This will also allow the person to make it work in time. This makes the customer happy because they do not have to fight traffic.


The shop's location makes customers feel comfortable. They can smell the detergent because it is in a large building. This will not bother someone. The staff in Knightsbridge dry cleaners is friendly and seems knowledgeable. Many customers do return to this shop.

A customer may be nervous about giving their name and phone number for security purposes. A security guard will come into the shop with a keypad. This allows the client to enter the shop without having to give their name and phone number. However, this does not affect the level of service that customers receive because the staff is aware that this is a shop that customers frequent. Get Directions:


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