A standardized way of sending push notifications to Ethereum wallets.



Notifications for wallets are long needed.

  • DeFi
  • ENS
  • DAOStack

What it does

Establishes a standard for putting rich-text push notifications in transaction data for wallets to display as platform-native notifications.

How we built it

  • The Standard: ERC-2365
  • NPM Package: pack & unpack notifications
  • Frontend: craft & send notifications
  • MetaMask Support: receive notifications

Challenge we faced

  • Message encryption
  • Sending to multi-sig wallets


  • Working flow with MetaMask integration
  • Working NPM library to send notifications
  • Simple frontend UI to send notifications

What’s next

  • Figure out encryption
  • Figure out multi-sig wallets
  • Integrate with Trust Wallet

Thank you!