Does QUIC-enabled video yeilds Perceivable difference?

Aniketh Girish

Dr. Subhasri Duttagupta

Collaboration with:


Max Planck Institute's Internet Architecture group, Germany

Hasselt University, Belgium

gnuTLS community

videoLAN community


What is QUIC?

Research interest: 

0-RTT connection setup

Low Latency

Head of line blocking

What's proposed...?

QUIC TLS API for crypto in gnuTLS

Custom QUIC version integration in VLC for better streaming experience.



Record Layer Seperation


Exposing QUIC TLS APIs in gnuTLS

  1. A callback to notify the key (epoch) change
  2. A callback to write a Handshake messsage, when it is being sent
  3. A callback to write an Alert messasge, when it is being sent
  4. A callback to flush the message.
  5. A function to push data received from the peer to the TLS layer

Initial QUIC setup

ngtcp2 + HTTP3



Thank You!

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