Is QUIC streaming ready? A long look at the practical impact of QUIC for streaming

Review #1

Aniketh Girish


Collaboration with:


Max Planck Institute's Internet Architecture group, Germany

Hasselt University, Belgium

gnuTLS community

videoLAN community


Based on..

Mirko Palmer, Thorben Kruger, Balakrishnan Chandrasekaran, Anja Feldmann, The QUIC Fix for Optimal Video Streaming

Colin Perkins, JÃűrg Ott, Real-time Audio-Visual Media Transport over QUIC

What is QUIC?

Head of line blocking

How performant is QUIC?

Web loads 8% faster than TCP


Streaming is 20% faster than TCP stack

Google says...

Background for QUIC on Streaming!

  • streaming is taking up more and more of global internet traffic: >75%
  • Performance over TCP is not great
  • High latency: application and transport impact with MPEG DASH

  • Mainly head of line blocking due to reliable transport

Background for QUIC on Streaming!

  • QUIC helps, but not much
    • Still has per-stream HOL blocking

    • Still high latency

What's proposed...?

QUIC TLS API for crypto in gnutTLS

In gnuTLS...

What's proposed...?



In VLC....?

What's proposed...?


What's proposed...?

In  Custom QUIC extension (QUIC-tweaked) ....?

  • Selective Reliable Transport

  • Deadline Awareness

  • Message-Oriented Abstraction

  • Forward Error Correction

  • I-P-B frame handling

  • Head-Of-Line blocking resilience

What's proposed...?

RTP over QUIC-tweaked

DASH over QUIC-tweaked

In  VLC with tweaked QUIC ....?

What's proposed...?



Exposing QUIC TLS APIs in gnuTLS

  1. A callback to notify the key (epoch) change
  2. A callback to write a Handshake messsage, when it is being sent
  3. A callback to write an Alert messasge, when it is being sent
  4. A callback to flush the message.
  5. A function to push data received from the peer to the TLS layer


HTTP POST support in VLC

  • Need a single connection to POST data, since we won't get proper response for a POST request compared to GET.
  • Fix for the idenpotency implementation.


ACM students research competition in SOSP'19, Toronto, Canada

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