My IEEE Journey

Gulcin Yildirim

14 Oct 2016, Tallinn


Postgres DBA @ 2ndQuadrant

MSc Comp. & Systems Eng. @ Tallinn University of Technology

BSc Maths Eng. @ Yildiz Technical University

Founder of TTÜ Geeky Weekly

IEEE Member



Skype: gulcin2ndq

Github: gulcin

What is IEEE?

IEEE: Advancing Technology for Humanity

The world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology  for the benefit of humanity

What is there for me?

Meeting with academicians and professionals from all around the world who share the same passion with you.

Making connections

Not just connections,  meaningful ones! 

August 2016,

Regensburg Germany

October 2016,

Tallinn Estonia

Build a better future!

Future is ours, so why not making it a better one, together!

Part of a community

No more


Join us!

IEEE Student Branch


IEEE Women in Engineering

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We organise at least 1event every week!

TTÜ Geeky Weekly

TTÜ Geeky Weekly

Powerful together

We need your ideas and enthusiasm!

Thank you!

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