Gamified Education

Due to ECQ/GCQ distance learning is the new normal

Its been there, but more problems are yet to happen

Teachers will have harder time to teach and manage students

Parents will have to double or triple time checking and monitoring kids

Students easily gets bored on the usual online tutorials and examinations

70% ~ 90% Students don't pay attention on the actual classroom, what more on video conference with the teacher

Solution is to get kids to to self faced studying

But nothing out there seems to really worked

Solution is to get students attention while learning

By integrating tutorials & quizes on fun  games & apps

Problem is teachers can't do it easily and will take more time and efforts to do it

Solution is to create a service or app that will assist teachers to integrate tutorial and exam easily

GamED app is here to the rescue!
Coming soon :)


  • Easily add/edit exam/quiz on template games


  • Compatible with existing Learning Management Systems


  • Familiar addicting  games to choose from

How it works?

  • Teacher login to GamED app

  • Add/edit quiz or lesson

  • Select one or many games to use

  • Generate gamed package(s)

  • Load gamed package to exisiting LMS

  • Students login to LMS and goto the quiz/lesson in enjoyable game format

Advantages for teachers


  • Easy add/edit quiz on games

  • LMS compatible, so everything is manageable

  • Unburden from too many tedious tasks

  • Randomized questions

  • Video/voice checking


  • Save cost on daily travel expenses

  • Lesser school supplies

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