Redirections Management Service

Setup a domain with us (SSL available) to set up redirects for traffic on any of its pages. ➡️{whatever} ➡️{whatever} ➡️

Redirect on the basis of visitor's country [GeoIP]

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Works great for:


✅ Old websites that need 301 redirections to new website

     (SSL setup on old website available)


✅ Secondary domains for a brand to just redirect to website ➡️


✅ Event-specific domains that just redirect towards ➡️


✅ Setting up country / language specific websites &                           automatically redirect traffic

Saves time & efforts


😖 No frustration of dealing with htaccess files manually


☹️ No need to login into multiple servers / accounts


😎 No worry over redirects still functioning correctly*


🤩 Save hours every month


🔥 No maintenance required


🏆 Super-fast redirects. Scales to hundreds of Millions of request

🚀 You can use it today!

Next slides show upcoming features 🧞‍♂️

⚡️ Redirecto ⚡️

Managing Websites in bulk

🖥 Manage redirections for multiple WordPress websites from one single place


🤝 Just require installing a helper plugin


🗄 Also collects 404 links happening

Re-targeting marketing pixel

Generate a link which sets the retargetting marketing pixel before redirecting the user to final destination.      ➡️      🏷       ➡️

Best used for your affiliate links 😉

Verify Redirects by Test Runner

Prototype 👉

Domain expiration alerts

Don't let those old domains expire


Helping you maintain those 301 redirections


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