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The Commercial Cleaning Services Sydney company for your property specializing in the cleaning of offices, buildings and industrial buildings, shops and residences, Australian Bright Services has been operating in Sydney and throughout Australia for over 15 years. Our services allow us to meet all the needs in terms of dust removal, scrubbing, soil stripping and restoration of premises in various places, even the most frequented. Australian Bright Services has forged a solid reputation for competence recognized by all. Industries, groups or prestigious brands, we bring the same importance to the result, with the sole concern of satisfying you.

Because clean offices are essential for the well-being, mood and motivation of your employees and visitors. Our Office Cleaning Sydney teams ensure the daily hygiene and cleanliness of office premises and commercial and industrial spaces.

The field experience of our motivated, qualified, stable, serious, rigorous and punctual staff, make Australian Bright Services your quality partner to maintain your Company's brand image.

A very present framework ensuring the surveillance and the follow-up of the sites, and adapted material and selected products, allow us to respond present to all the situations which you propose to us.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney allows you to be put in touch with professional and competent agents and solve your problems related to cleanliness and hygiene.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Using machines dedicated to industrial cleaning and the know-how of surface technicians accustomed to working alongside, quickly and precisely to clean and clear your general and operational mess.

Cleaning the floors of your factory

Whatever the nature of the stains, our staff will apply a specific treatment to clean, strip, degrease and shine your floor without making it slippery!

The technicians will also be able to take charge of the removal of various waste: chips, paper, etc.

Machine cleaning

We even clean your machines for better performance and to avoid breakdowns linked to the clogging of your equipment, and to maintain working hygiene for your teams.

Business cleaning

Using industrial-grade cleaning machines helps to protect the essentials of your businesses structure, we offer a full and regular Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney, allowing your customers to walk in clean and welcoming aisles. We can also provide you with teams for cleaning your windows.

Cleaning of buildings and residences

To ensure the cleaning of your building, Australian Bright Services provides owners, co-owners and property managers with a team specializing in the general cleaning, regardless of the type of property.

  • Our teams take care of the common areas (stairs, landings, elevators, cellars, garbage room, bike room, parking, etc.)

The frequency of intervention can be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs.

As part of our agreement, our agents will be in charge of cleaning your floors, mailboxes, baseboards, stair railings, mirrors, glass doors, Digi codes and intercoms, polishing the brass, and washing the sidewalk and front of the building. We also carry out sweeping, vacuuming, washing and waxing of wood.

To preserve a pleasant living environment within the building, we also make sure to eliminate fingerprints on the evident elements and the switches

  • We also take care of changing the bulbs and watering the plants.
  • Finally, we clean at high pressure (or using an industrial vacuum cleaner), the floors and the ramps of your car park.

Hall cleaning:

  • Vacuuming and washing floors
  • Elimination of traces of wires on walls and surfaces.
  • Complete cleaning of elevators
  • Sweeping and washing of the exterior surroundings of the building.
  • The dusting of baseboards, woodwork and ironwork.
  • Cleaning of landings and stairwells:
  • The suction of floors, carpets on stairs and landings
  • Wet fitting of waxed wood floors
  • Cleaning of switches and stair handrails
  • Wiping the exterior glass cabin of the elevator
  • Wet wiping of accessible lighting globes and chandeliers


Rest Assured! Our Office Cleaning in Sydney is the best way to make your working spaces shining and scented.

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