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High Pressure Cleaning Sydney

High Pressure Cleaning Sydney, specializing in Cleaning. And offers you its Residential and commercial cleaning services in Sydney, office cleaning in Sydney, regular, maintenances...

High Pressure Cleaning Sydney – Australian Bright Services offers you: - cleaning and maintenance of Commercial, Residence cleaning, cleaning of common areas.... in Sydney. - cleaning and maintenance for professionals (office cleaning and maintenance, window cleaning, shop cleaning, end of lease cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning, etc. in Sydney and its surroundings) deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, ...)

We have implemented various processes in order to improve care and quality of services. Our main assets: · - Implementation of a cleaning agent trained internally & in a real situation, - A price with service adapted to your budget (Value for money), · - With professional equipment and product included, · - Responsiveness & adaptation according to your needs, · - Establishment of a referent (privileged interlocutor) & member of the evaluating jury of the Sydney School of cleaning, · - Possibility of management of additional consumable types, replacement of bulbs & neon lights, lubrication of the hinges, ... by invoicing in addition on request, · - Monitoring of services & planning with software for the cleaning industry, · - Approved & compliant agency for the reception of the public in the center of Sydney.

High Pressure Cleaning Sydney

High Pressure Cleaning Sydney is a cleaning company that uses high-performance, powerful high-pressure equipment.


Thanks to our environmentally friendly products, we provide cleaning of facades, floors, terraces, walls and low walls, parking, concrete, stone.


The pressure washer consists of: a piston pump driven by an electric or thermal motor. This pump turns on itself and compresses the water inside the tank to a given pressure. When the user releases the water jet, it is projected at very high speed.

The impact of pressurized water on a hard surface instantly loosens and descales dirt.


The pressure washer works by the action of two valves connected to the pump. To activate its valves, the user presses the pistol button to trigger the projection and releases it to stop it:


A valve projects water under pressure.

A valve stops this projection.

A high pressure cleaner works with 2 types of engine:

An electric motor for the most common tasks.

A heat engine for the most intensive tasks.

To remove dirt, a pressure washer uses several methods:

Cold water: the most common.

Hot water: the most efficient.

Adding detergents to hot water: for even more efficiency.