Application Insights

for Client side tracking

Azure application insight is more than  Google Analytics and similar tools

Finally, add the SDK script to your app or web pages

var appInsights=window.appInsights||function(a){
    function b(a){c........n c }({
        instrumentationKey: "<your instrumentation key>"




// Send telemetry immediately without batching.

// Remember to remove this when no longer required, as it

// can affect browser performance.

enableDebug: boolean,


// Don't log browser exceptions.

disableExceptionTracking: boolean,

// Don't log ajax calls.

disableAjaxTracking: boolean,


// Limit number of Ajax calls logged, to reduce traffic.

maxAjaxCallsPerView: 10,


// default is 500 // Time page load up to execution of first trackPageView().

overridePageViewDuration: boolean,


// Set these dynamically for an authenticated user.

appUserId: string,

accountId: string,


Home view

URL View

Add New Chart

Ajax Chart

Ajax Chart

Scripting Errors Chart

How does it compare to interana & kusto 

  • In these tools, we need to manually feed in data
  • It doesn't track Ajax calls
  • It also doesn't capture javascript errors.


Thank You