To determine which Admissions leadership member can assist you best, use the parameters outlined on the following slides. If you're unsure, the best person to default to is Lorelei.


  • Please direct all requests or questions to the appropriate member of the leadership team.
  • Connecting directly with the designated Admissions point person will ensure:
    • Accuracy of the information given
    • Appropriate flow of data, updates, and resources down Admissions communication channels
    • An easier experience for you in gathering what you need.
  • Questions outside the scope of Admissions:
    • Financial aid, schedules and registration, housing, tuition, student employment (outside of Admissions Workstudy program), accommodations, veteran services, catalog updates, website updates, licensure, international student policy

Who Should I Go to in Admissions?

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Vice President of Enrollment Services:

Lorelei Newman

Director of Admissions Recruitment:
Tristinn Williams

Director of Admissions Operations:
Kate Dawes

Admissions Advisors

Front Desk
& Reception


Director of
Admissions Recruitment

Currently: Tristinn Williams


Supervises Advising Team, Reception & Front Desk team and on-campus physical spaces. Liaison between academics and admissions advisors.

Best for questions about:

  • Academic Admissions Processes & Procedures
  • Webinars and Recruitment Activities/Events
  • Any follow up about incoming students from Academics outreach efforts
  • Campus Tours
  • Swag & Printed Materials
  • Customer service (Front Desk & Reception)
  • Interviews (please use
  • Re-Admits & Advanced Standing

Director of

Currently: Kate Dawes


Supervises Operations & Student Outreach teams. Oversees CAMS, CRM & CRM Assets, and other admissions technology.

Best for questions about:

  • CAMS
  • Application system
  • Departmental inboxes
  • All things Hubspot, Admissions webpages, or Admissions technology
  • Student Ambassadors or Admissions Workstudy
  • Prospective student communications
  • Incoming student communications

Vice President of
Enrollment Services

Currently: Lorelei Newman


Supervises enrollment services division, consisting of Financial Aid, Registrar, and Admissions

Best for questions about:

  • Anything not listed to the left
  • Admissions budget
  • Enrollment strategy
  • Enrollment/Recruitment reports
  • Scope of departmental responsibilities and priorities
  • Waitlists
  • New or discontinuing programs
  • Honors Entrance Scholarship
  • Interdepartmental Policy
  • Admissions Policy
  • Registrar
  • Financial Aid