Community-first tools




- OSM website is for mapping.

- Not a lot of facilities for community organizing.



OSM is only as strong as it's community!


- Welcoming new mappers.

- Community groups and organizing on

OSM is only as strong as it's community!

Welcome Tool

Welcome Tool

We want to make it easy for communities to welcome new mappers.

Welcome Tool

Allow messaging via OSM-API


We are working on allowing authorized groups or orgs to send messages via the OSM API.


This is already proposed for APIv0.7:


Other applications: HOT tasking manager, Weekly OSM, ...





Welcome Tool

How can you help?


- Join us in the LCCWG!

- Check this issue:



OSM Microcosms!

By Brian DeRocher:


- Reflects the reality of OSM communities on the website.

- Allows the formation of geographical or topical groups.

- Allows to organize events.

- ...



OSM Microcosms!