Poetic Interfaces

composing with the unexpected

"Noise is undesirable in engineering, but artists find 
glitch to be beautiful and revealing inner workings of the system" 
Zach Lieberman

What we cover

probability, chance, random
aesthetics of failure
autonomous systems
hacking / engineering

Probability, Chance, Random

10 principles of zen


This first principle is about committing to “checking in” and maintaining conscious awareness of your internal experiences.

present-moment focus

We are cultivating the ability to tune into sights, sounds, physical sensations, thoughts and emotions that are occurring in the present moment.


We are acknowledging the present reality without fighting 
it or trying to change it.


The mindset we will cultivate during our breathing practice is that of curious interest and attentive observation rather than evaluation or judgment.


It is not always necessary to understand the origins of an experience or a reaction in order to come to peace with it.


We allow ourselves to experience the sensations, thereby cultivating tolerance for things that are uncomfortable. 


This concept is initially quite foreign to people who have developed a habit of self-criticism, but it can be powerfully healing when one learns to breathe fully into an attitude of self-compassion.


Rather than chastising ourselves to let go and change, we gently invite openness to new possibilities.  Forcefulness creates resistance, invitation engenders willingness.  



Understanding the above concepts can be enlightening and inspiring.  However, until these notions are put into practice, it’s merely an entertaining intellectual exercise.

Accidental Calculus

linear (ordered)  > semi-random > random
research on probability

Map vs Tour

On notating internal concepts

Knit pattern (anglo-saxon style)

Previous example translated into
a set of instructions

Japanese knit notation

Miklós Erdély - Creativity Practice

Sol Lewitt: instruction based drawings

Formalized Systems

Autonomous Systems

3d Cellular Automation

Sky Ear (Usman Haque)

Spiral Drawing Sunrise (Polak Van Bekkum)


Aesthetics of failure

post digital tendencies in contemporary
computer music

(Kim Cascone)


Representations of the environment


Corrupt data (ascii jpg transfer)

Second Life (Linden Lab)

Skeleton Deformation (Kyle McDonald)

Newstweek (Julian Oliver et al)

Circuit bending (working with readymades)

Critical Engineering

reverse engineering / transparency / readymades 


new thought patterns 
new practices 
new structures or symbols 
and/or new ways to act