Selling Agile Projects


fix-price projects

Agile Agenda

Development team

Project management

Fix-price projects

Sales process

Development Team


  • Product owner
  • Developer
  • Scrum master


  • Daily standup
  • Backlog refinement
  • Planning I+II
  • Review
  • Retrospective

Project Management

Work like a developer!

Fix-price Projects

Why Fix-Price Projects?

  • It's a planned economy (annual plan)
  • Budget known in advance
  • Target dates depend on goals + budget
  • Revenue expected from new features
  • Sums up to total profit

Reliable dimensions

Estimated dimensions

3 Dimensions of a Project

1.  Time

2.  Budget

3.  Features

Failing projects nail all 3 of them.

Our customers?

I want everything. Now!

Software that "simply works" – tested!

I got what I need – awesome!

On time, on budget, working solutions

Our customers!

Sales Process

(Failing) Classic Approach

  • All features + fixed deadline + fixed budget
  • Must be estimated competitively
  • Buffers are never sufficient
  • Not ready for change = renegotiations

You try to do the impossible.

(Failing) Classic Approach II

  • They will buy it (low risk)
  • Time to get to know them
  • Place to sell your approach
  • Room to come up with an estimation

Offer a workshop

You try to do it all

  • Your goal: rough estimation
  • Because you want all features (too)
  • And meet budget + time
  • "I told you at the workshop" syndrome



Successful Approach

  • Fix deadline + budget
  • Total estimation = non-binding ("plausibility check")
  • Explain advantages of sprint-wise billing

Sprint-wise billing

  • Reduce risk (always deliver a working product)
  • Freedom to change your mind (change features)
  • Get what you need (not what you ordered)

Critical Elements

  • Ship early, ship often
  • Build first what creates most value
  • Never ever touch the deadline!
  • Plan a going-live party with customer

On time

On budget

  • Welcome change: Reprioritise, reorder, redo features (before sprint starts)
  • Stick to the process: No overtime, no changes in a running sprint (full concentration)
  • Bill every sprint ("when time is exhausted")

Fixed working hours = no renegotiation

Thank you!

for your precious time

Painless Software

Less pain, more fun.

Wow, isn't that what we were always looking for?

It's awesome, honey.

Buy it?

Buy it!