Test-driven Projects

Peter Bittner

  • Developer (of people, companies, code)
  • past: Capgemini, HolidayCheck, DACHCOM
  • @peterbittner, django@bittner.it


  • Traditional Approach
  • Test-driven Approach
  • Advantages & Potentials
  • Implementation

Traditional Approach


A Closing Test Phase

  • Long acceptance test phase in the end
  • A lot of manual testing
  • Regression after bug fixes
  • No guarantee of stable implementation
  • Risky defects liability period

Test-driven Approach


Upfront Specification

  • Acceptance test specification in concept phase
  • Tests implemented by programmers
  • Tests executed automatically
  • Extremely short handover in the end
  • Regression under control

Advantages & Potentials

Why it makes sense

Make The Same Things Earlier

  • No additional budget required
  • Product stability
  • Waste less money for bug fixing
  • Cheap repeatability of testing
  • Focus on advanced quality topics


It's all about acceptance criteria

What Do We Need?

  1. User stories
  2. Test specifications

Learning Resources

Testing. Take Back Control

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