In the beginning there was the

Command Line

Brian J Brennan


Safety first

Backup your files!

(This is just generally important practice)

Read everything!

Be careful with some commands


deletes files instantly


gives you super powers

(which can let you mess up your system)

That's mostly it

At least for when you're starting out.

Getting into the terminal




You already know



print working directory


list directory contents


change directory

Absolute Path

cd /Users/brian/Projects

Relative Path

cd Projects

Home Directory

cd ~
cd /Users/<username>

Parent directory

cd ../

/Users/brian/Projects -> /Users/Brian

Getting help

<cmd> --help

Most programs/commands accept a help flag.

man <cmd>

Many programs provide manual pages

The Internet

When in doubt, use your favorite search engine!

Whirlwind tour of Git

git clone

Download/copy project

git checkout

Switch branches

git checkout -b

Create new branch and make it the active branch

git add <file>

Add a file to the staging area

git status

What branch am I on and what's in my staging area?

git diff

What have I changed since last commit?

git commit

Save your changes!

git commit -m

Save your small changes!

git push origin <branch> 

Send your changes to

the internet

git pull

Sync your local repository with the remote repository

Git Tutorial

CLI Tutorial

Bonus: Homebrew

Extra Bonus: zsh

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