Readership Profile

Age range?

The age of the

reader is 18



This persons gender is female (but could also be male unisex)

What Brands do they


They enjoy classic and well established brands that have been prominent in the industry of fashion and music for several years. Brands such as Beats by Dr Dre, Converse, Apple, Spotify, Sound cloud, Michael Kors  and Calvin Klein are all liked by the reader. The reader enjoys a mixture of high street and high end brands, and doesn't mind / is adaptable to new brands and companies they've never heard of before.

What Music do

they listen to?

The reader listens to a selection of different genres, and doesn't like to limit themselves to any genre in particular. But, out of all genres they mostly listen to R&B and Rap . The reader loves to discover new music of all types of genres and is open to giving all genres of music a chance.

What socio-economic group do they fit in?

The socio- economic group they fall in is C1 Lower middle class- Supervisory, clerical, junior managerial e.g. shop floor supervisor, bank clerk, sales person. This reader is a 18 year old who has just settled into there first job, so any higher socio enomic groups such as: A- Higher managerial, administrative, professional  or B - administrative, professional e.g. bank manager, teacher isn't possible just quite yet.  This reader is still in education, and still finding there way up the socio-economic group ladder.

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