Global Music Analytics for the Streaming Age

What is Chartmetric?

Chartmetric is a beautifully designed music industry intelligence tool with the most wide-ranging & customizable data across digital platforms.

An end-to-end solution from A&R to Marketing in all music-related sectors.

Our Mission:

Create simple and elegant tools to democratize data for artists so they can make better decisions faster.

Tracking 1.9+ Million Artists

  • Social media growth
  • Playlist placement & positions
  • Current & historical chart positions

Tracking 1.2+ Million Playlists

  • Modes: Followers, Hubs, Country, Last Update
  • Filters: Genre, Language, Curator, "non-major"
  • Sort: Increasing/decreasing, % change

Tracking 272+ Thousand Curators

  • Learn about streaming tastemakers in detail
  • Follow all of their online presences
  • Sort playlist tracks by record label, real-time

Tracking 25+ Charts - All in One Place

  • Streaming, download, predictive charts
  • Search historical data, not just today
  • Visual trendlines globally & 100s of cities

Tracking thousands of playlists, artists, tracks and curators is

fragmented and time consuming.

Chartmetric makes sense of playlists, tracks, and artists’ digital footprint in one dashboard.

...or, you can have 16 browser tabs +

a boring Excel sheet open :)

No other music analytics tool

has a dataset this diverse or as historical.

We are obsessed

with a delightful

data analytics experience.

And we love talking with our customers!

You'd be in good company.

Lots of it.


Two tiers: Free & Premium.

Two pay plans: Monthly or Yearly.

One API: Ready for power users.

My song is trending in _______ (country)...what has my FB/YouTube engagement been in that market?

A taste of what we can answer for you.

Which are the top 10 playlists that are gaining traction (increasing the # of followers) in the last 30 days?

My artist spiked in Spotify streams last night randomly...did they post something crazy on Instagram again?

Which genre/mood (hiphop, jazz, dinner, chill, coffeehouse) playlists are rising up?

What are the musical features (e.g., "positive" feelings, electronic/acoustic sounds) of specific playlists?

My artist has a very similar style with _____ artist. Historically, what were the playlists that grew their audience?

Which playlists have undiscovered songs, but a large number of followers (so that I can target those playlists)?

How often does this curator refresh ______ (playlist)? Which playlists are stale?

We like where music has been.

We love where it's going.

Let's chat.

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Founder & CEO

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