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Have you ever check what issues that a politician support before you vote?

Or, do you just vote for them because of the party that they are in?

Do you think your MP represent you in local issues?

Have you ever check what they vote for in parliament?

Politics can be complicated...

But data never lies...

(only people who interpete them does)

I gonna teach you how to analyze the voting data (with Python)

the Data

Create a Graph DB & Schema

the Data

Making Sense of the Data

So How About UK Parliament

You time to shine

And win some prices

Competition deadline: 7th Feb 2020 (1-month form now)

Team: 1-3 ppl

Format: a Jupyter notebook (.ipynb file) or a blog post

*Submission need to be publicly available (e.g. host on GitHub or published blog post)


Show us any interesting findings with the UK Parliament data using a similar method. Be creative!

Originality, Technical correctness, Informative


1. £100 amazon gift card for the winning team

2. each team member will get a TerminusDB swag bundle

(include Hoodie Jacket, E-Coffee Mug and much more)


Winner will also be invited to speak at our meetup in London (maybe we will also fly you to Dublin to present)


Submittion/ Questions:
Name(s), contact email(s), link to submittion

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