Why we should care about the CRA

and how it can affect open-source

Grab this slide deck:


Hello I am Cheuk

  • Open-Source contributor

  • Organisers of community events

  • ex EPS board member, PSF fellow
  • Looking for my next role

What is CRA?

Remember GDPR?

Now we come CRA

TL;DR - putting 

On your software

It's a good thing... right?

in open-source

We may not be able to demonstrat compliance

Or it's very expensive...

Non-commercial activities are exempted, right?

But... what is a commercial activity?

  • Can I accept donations?
  • Should I open-source my project in my company?
  • Should I let my employee to work on open-source in office hour?
  • Can I provide a paid cloud service based on ao OSS?

What should I do?

Get more information and voice out concerns