How to get started with data science?

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Do you to get into data science industry?

Data Scientist at:

  • Global Travel accmodation reseller
  • Start-up consultant specialized in AWS
  • Tech Start-up that specialized hotel prizing
  • A global bank

How did I started?

  1. MPhil in Physics
  2. Work at marketing
  3. Data Analyst
  4. Data Scientist

⬅️ Math and coding

⬅️ Using data

⬅️ R and Python

⬅️ All of above

Let's debunk some myths

I have to have a technical background / PhD etc

I have to tick all the boxes in the job description to apply

I have to start as an intern / junoir role

However... finding the first job is always difficult

How can I get started?

Tip #1

Get your skills checked

Learn what you think you are lacking and showcase what you can do

Tip #2

Groom your LinkedIn

Sending CVs are so 2005

Tip #3


Get involved in the community

Tip #4

Apply like crazy

The carvia strategy

Tip #5

Don't be afraid to ask for help

There are many nice people out there

Tip #6

Take on the hustle mentality

And believe you can do it! 

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