Promoting a new open-source technology among the developer community

Cheuk Ting Ho



1. Online presences

How to create online presences

  • According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information. On average, that's 9.3 hours per week!
  • Create a talking point amount peers
  • Developers read tech news via blog posts and podcasts
  • Create contents on Medium, YouTube
  • Spread contents via social media and forums: LinkedIn, Twitter, Dev, Hackernews, Reddit

2. Great experience

Easy entry point to using the product

  • Clear quick start guide / documentation means fewer frustrations
  • Detail examples to being in imagination, why using the product, what's the advantage
  • Tutorials - online 'self-driving' or events
  • Support from the community - questions will be answered or already answered on Stackoverflow

3. Build a community

Strengthen the user identity in the community

  • User group created a sense of belonging
  • Communication channels - Slack, forum etc
  • Support each other - feel supported and take pride in helping other
  • Peer promotional network is better than sales and marketing
  • Create physical presences - meetups, conferences, workshops

4. Sense of ownership

Make everyone a stakeholder of the product

  • Create mid-level leaders - key contributors, local community leaders, mentors
  • Sense of ownership bind the community together
  • 2-way communication between community and maintainers
  • The pyramid structure of the community help it grow to a bigger size and cover a wider geolocation
  • E.g. Google Devloper Group

What if we have an event


To sponsor or not to sponsor?

  • Style of the event - what audiences are they attracting?
  • How many leads? Will it be streaming online? How much involvement?
  • Will it have a positive impact on the image? Is the value matching?