Pyjamas Conf 2020


How did it happened? Why it's great?

What is Pyjamas Conf?

  • Online
  • 24 hours
  • So you can join anytime with your PJs

Started at 8am UTC 5th Dec 2020...

We have streamed 24 hours of non-stop (almost) contents and talks on YouTube


  • Opening and Closing
  • 4 Technical breaks (30mins)
  • 40 talks (~ half recorded)
  • 1 panel session

Great veriety of (talk) topics

Pyjamas competition

2 accidents for live talks

  • 1 got problem with internet connnection half way
  • 1 fell asleep and missed the slot

We have sold 900+ tickets at the end!!!!

We have received 0 CoC complains

And 300+ people joint Discord

Technical set up

  • Streaming on  public YouTube stream with Streamyard as backstage
  • Discord as socializing place (only ticket holder will receive invitation)
  • At lease 2 voluntees at Streamyard at any point (1 host 1 standby)
  • 1 person in cahrge of CoC at anytime (take turns)


  • Twitter
  • Asking network for help (sister organizations)
  • Linkedin (ad by Python Ireland)
  • Python Discord
  • Mentioned many times at other conferences by me

Event was advertise well with lot's of hype and excitement

Organizing team

  • There was a big hit when Covid happened and many people left the team
  • At the end only 3 constantly active team member
  • Ocational help from a few more people
  • Volunteer team was brought together 2 weeks before

Cashmere spnosor:

Community partners:


  • It is possible to organize an online conference with limited resources
  • Community is the most important thing
  • Quality and team sprit of volunteers are important
  • Lots of leverage from other communities (EuroPython, Python Discord etc)
  • Need to be fun!



Follow us for official announcements and news

Lastly, the winners of the Pyjamas Showdown are...

See you next year...?