Stopping online misogyny

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Cheuk Ting Ho

WARNING: this presentation contains strong language and hate speech

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Do you know

  • In Europe, 9 million girls will have experienced some kind of cyber violence by the age of 15
  • Women & girls are 27 times more likely to be harassed online
  • The attacks are more severe and the repercussions more serious than for men

Is this something that should happen to teenage girls?

Greta Thunberg

Lilly Platt

10 and 16 year-old climate change campaigner

As they get more popular, attacks on the pair have piled up...

What is Misogyny?

 "Is misogyny simply hatred toward women?"


A misogynist is not simply a person who hates women, it's a person who does, or would, hate women who are not subordinate, women with power and status, women who can stand up for themselves and make their own decisions.


- Psychology today

What study says

Troll Patro Project 

  • 7.1% of tweets sent to the women in the study were problematic or abusive
  • Black women are 84% more likely to be mentioned in abusive or problematic tweets
  • Women of colour were 34% more likely to be mentioned in abusive or problematic tweets
  • Online abuse against women cuts across the political spectrum.

Volunteers sorted through 288,000 tweets sent to 778 women politicians and journalists in the UK and USA in 2017

How Twitter replys

Some tweets may seem to be abusive when seen in
isolation, but maybe not when viewed in the context of a larger conversation.

Seems like Twitter is not going to actively solve this problem

Opt Out Tools

A browser extension that hides misogynistic harassment from your Twitter feed.



  • We want social media platforms to be a respectful place where anyone can comment without fear if misogynistic backlash.
  • We want online debate to be inclusive so all voices can flourish.
  • We want social networks to be safer places for all.
  • We want to achieve this by building tools and an organization with consent, privacy and transparency at their core.

We're not just tech

We won't let hate win!

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