Everyone can be a super hero with coding power

Grab the slides: https://slides.com/cheukting_ho/superhero-coding

What did you see when you find image of programmers?

Do you want to be a programmer?

Who can be a programmer?

In open-source


If you don't like it,
change it

If you find something's broken,
fix it


One of my favourite thing

Python is...

  • open source
    (Python software foundation)
  • Keen to educate (turtle module)
  • Easy to use
    (makes you feel like a super hero)

So what power do you have?

💕 Save lives 💕

  • cancer research
  • Fighting Cancer with Python
  • machine learning models to predict clinically relevant outcome
  • if a cancer tumor can be idetify earlier, higher chance of survival

Help those who's in need 🙌🏻

  • technology can help a lot (e.g. help the blind "see")
  • Important to making the web more accessible
  • AI tool to help "seeing" the web images - auto captioning
  • Powered by Python

Fight crimes 🚨

Technology can be good to the world

You can be a programmer and being part of it

Via the power of open-source

Everyone can do it, let's start coding!