Blocknight Accra, Ghana 2018

The Aviation Social Center, Airport Rd. Accra 


What is Paxful?

Peer2Peer Commerce

Its all about helping the little guy!

Online bitcoin marketplace connecting buyers and sellers in one convenient location.

Why Paxful? 

Fast & Reliable ·

24/7 Support ·

100% Secure ·

Best Bitcoin Wallet

Instant Bitcoins ·

24/7 Customer service ·

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Safe and Secure

Why Paxful? 

  • Each user is asked to set up 2-factor authentication 
  • Authy and SMS verification 
  • Lists all logins performed by users and their last 20 actions.
  • Escrow
  • Paxful’s hot wallet is secured by Multi-sig.

Paxful protects its users

Why Paxful? 

More than 300 ways to pay for bitcoins

 iTunes, Amazon, Paypal, Credit Card, Gift cards, Bank Transfer, etc.

Why Paxful? 


Become a Vendor 

Why Paxful? 

Become a Marchant 

Integrate "Pay with Paxful" button on your Online Store 

Why Paxful? 

Add Paxful Kiosk to your website and start earning Commissions 

Paxful is Safe! 

  • Trader has completed over 2BTC worth of trade with minimum of 30 trades
  • Trader feedback score should be at least 98% from a minimum of 10 persons
  • Trader account should have been active for over 2 months
  • Trader has a verified identity, residence, phone number, Facebook ID etc…
  • He has at least 10 partners
  • He has a maximum delivery time you are comfortable with.
  • Only trade with verified buyers and sellers.

Tips on Trading on Paxful

  • Do no trade outside Paxful with a seller even if he/she offers you a discount since you will lose the safety of trading with Paxful’s secured escrow.
  • Do not disclose more information about yourself to the seller when trade is ongoing.
  • Pay attention to the trade time to avoid transferring money to the seller after timeout.
  • Only check that the names in the account details are in consonance.
  • Mark payments ‘as made’ only when you have paid or received payment else you be denied the trade.
  • Endeavor to resolve all issues before contacting support Customer support should be your last resort.

What you MUST not do when Trading on Paxful

Thank You!


Chuta Chimezie

Paxful's Regional Director For Africa