Replaying Edits

By Jeph Paul


I'm a web developer based out of Bangalore, India.  Some of my code can be found at 

ReplayEdits was my project from the first round of the IEG.

why Data Visualization ?

Conveys the story and much more visually!

Replay Edit 

It shows the edits like a movie


MetaL Umlaut

Vandalism Patterns

Edit graph George W Bush (Nov 20 2007 - Oct 02 2007 )

The spikes are the entire article being deleted & then the edit being undone.
George W Bush is very interesting :-)

Again for the same period along with the enlarged version of the graph. The edits & their reverts can be seen clearly.

Quite often ClueBot did many of the reverts

  • Bots do a lot of the reverts, are they INDISPENSABLE? 

  • What is the mean time for a bad edit to get reverted?

Usefulness & Longevity of edits

History Flow IBM

Seminal work, all subsequent visualisations are based on this.

Flow Circle

Calculating usefulness of edits

Talk by Aaron on WikiCredit

Evolution of the article

The idea that inspired the replay edits tool.

Select a set of edits & watch the changes play out lie a movie :-) 

Editor BEHAVIOR & Other q's

Do they make singular contributions and move on?
Article Vs Edit count per editor Graph?

Active editors, do they move from an article to article or do they own articles ?

The edit graph & Slider

  • The enlarged version visually conveys the time taken between edits
  • Highlights edits by the same editor
  • Is a separate library & can be used in your project to select a set of edits

Replay Edits

I'd love to hear ideas on improving the tool & showing it some design love.  

Do you have want a feature  to the tool ?

Collection of Wiki Viz

Thank You :-)

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