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Let's contribute, HTML5Rocks/KO!

Chang W. Doh

Chang W. Doh

Can you can see me? If you can, I'm sorry for it. It because your browser doesn't support CSS3 'filter' property. But don't worry, 'filter' is a piece of CSS3 specification in Working Draft. You can forget my face soon.

I'm not fluent in english.

Also I'm not a field expert.

Finally, I don't know anything

about Python & Django.


Developer Resources

dedicated to all that is HTML5


OpenSource Project 


What does h5r treats?

Sure, HTML5 & development stuffs.

5 Sections




Give me a seconds,

I should talk about my history.

When I sent Pull Request at first


Nobody reviewed my work except Paul.
Everybody just thumbs up! :(

I'm not auto-translator. :)
But really thank you!
You're the first reviewer for my commits!! :)

Past is in the Past!



What do you help?


  • Translation of Technical Articles @h5r
    • Keep attention to Update, Update and Update
  • Localization of Site String
    • Requires a little understanding 'Django'

File a bug or patch



an article, tutorial or case study!


How do we contribute?

4 Repositories

Mostly we'll push commits to...


Now, I'll just show

  • Getting codes & environment
  • How to translate an article
  • How to push commits to

If you want to submit code patch, you have to agree Contributor License Agreements before it!

Some links for new Korean Translators.

I hope they can be helpful to you. :)

Trello Board

Google Translator & 2 Pass Translator

Dictionary Services

If you know another useful tools, please let us know.

Getting Code & Dev Environment

STEP 1: Fork a repository 

STEP 2: Cloning code

$ git clone{YOUR_ACCOUNT}/
or cloning with Git Client such as SourceTree
File > New/Clone >

STEP3: Setup GAE

That's all. You're ready!

MAGIC: database/load_all

Translating articles

STEP 1: Finding tutorial path you want to translate

STEP 2: Creating Branch

$ git branch -b 'article.ko.webcomponents.shadowdom-101
Highly recommends creating new branch for each translation.

STEP 3: Creating '/ko' directory

and copy all files of /en  into  /ko
cwdoh-2:shadowdom cwdoh$ mkdir ko
cwdoh-2:shadowdom cwdoh$ cp -pfr ./en/* ./ko/
cwdoh-2:shadowdom cwdoh$ ls -l total 0 drwxr-xr-x 3 cwdoh staff 102 2 14 09:18 en drwxr-xr-x 3 cwdoh staff 102 2 17 17:35 ko drwxr-xr-x 7 cwdoh staff 238 2 14 09:18 static drwxr-xr-x 3 cwdoh staff 102 2 19 09:20 zh cwdoh-2:shadowdom cwdoh$

STEP 4: Translating!

But, Don't forget commit for each work
$ git add index.html $ git commit -m "Completed translation of 'Supercharging your Gruntfile' into Korean"

STEP 5: Review

  • Review by yourself before others do
  • If possible, request it :)

Submitting your works

STEP 1: Pushing to your remote

 $ git push origin article.ko.supercharging-your-gruntfile

STEP 2: Creating Pull Request

STEP 3: You can update your works until merging

STEP 4: Merging & Live!

Only One Tip

  • Don't hesitate!

Useful Links

Unusable Links


I just wanted to say a big Thank You to all other translators for awesome works as they said.

33+2 korean translations on HTML5Rocks :)


Rock you!

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