What's coming next

2019 - The year of Open Source

A short term goal

Update our vision to fit the new goals

We are missing:

  • Open source Design System.
  • Officially for SUSE and everyone else.
  • Helps other companies/projects create their own Design System.
  • Open to collaboration.

Vision 2.0

Our first canvas

Target group



Business goals

- Front-end developers

- UX/UI team

- Help other teams deliver consistent SUSE UX/UI

- Quickly and easily implement UX/UI features

- Alignment of UI pieces

- Speed up the UX/UI design process

- Modern UX/UI

- Good practices

- Current trends

- Engaging

- It is official at SUSE

- Save money by optimising UX/UI processes

- Improve the quality of SUSE products

-  SUSE products to be aligned with market trends

- Improve sales efforts

A living Design System, for front-end developers and UI designers, to efficiently improve the quality and consistency of SUSE products

Hands on! 

-Vision 2.0-

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