Kevin Mills

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Reasons You Need a Smartwatch

We've been testing the Sony Smartwatch 3, one of the best Android Wear devices on the market, for months. Smartwatches can be confusing and seem redundant at first, but after using them for a while, both the user and the device begin to work in harmony. Unfortunately for smartwatch manufacturers, most consumers do not have the option to try before they buy. We're here to help with a number of useful, real-world benefits that we've discovered, which should persuade even the most ardent smartwatch sceptics.

Informative messages


Notifications are the primary reason you'd buy a smartwatch, according to us. The convenience of having them sent to your wrist and being able to identify their significance without having to remove your phone from a pocket or bag is priceless. It simplifies your life and saves you time - and time is valuable. Checking your phone can be considered impolite. That can be replaced with a quick glance at your wrist, which is faster, simpler, and more subtle.

Returning phone calls


Answering calls is handled differently by different smartwatches. The Sony Smartwatch 3, for example, allows users to accept and decline calls on the watch while using the phone's speaker and microphone (or headphones, if plugged in) to carry on the conversation. This is useful when you're walking around with headphones on or driving when your smartphone isn't easily accessible.


Others, such as the Apple Watch, enable users to respond to and carry out conversations directly from the watch (the phone may remain in your bag). It's not the best way to answer every call, but it's useful for quick conversations when you can't reach your phone.