I'm good at JavaScript, I swear.

Jose Aguinaga

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I'm good at JavaScript, I swear.

Who am I.

Jose Aguinaga / @jjperezaguinaga

Web Engineer

Startups / Fintech / Privacy

++ + High Punch

When is it right?

When am I going to be this amazing JavaScript developer?

When I understand scope perfectly and can answer random interview questions?

When I know all the libraries from Angular to Zepto?

When I have mastered all the secrets of functional programming?

...after babel, just set the right preset and...

“I need to know everything”

Fear of Missing Out™

A pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.

“React is better than Angular, so let's move all to React”

“Webpack will free us from Makefiles.”

“Fusebox is better than Webpack because it has TypeScript included”


this mentality does.


it can be bad us


to work with it

ImpΦstor Syndrome

Or what FOMO does to us













I will never know


Impostor Syndrome

Inability to internalise their accomplishments while having a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud

Are you comparing yourself to ____?

You think your code is always inferior?

Do you feel you are worth less than your coworkers?

If you are always having to start from step 1, you will always feel like a 🍼

We are faced with the conflict of showcasing some sort of knowledge while still always learning

Language learning






JavaScript (Fat)igue

Or why FOMO affect us

“No one uses ____ anymore”

JavaScript Fatigue

a.k.a Paradox of Choice in Web Dev.

How the paradox of choice made the web ecosystem

a constant fear

of missing out.

Barry Schwartz (2004)

Choices are hard

Choices are tiring

Maximizer versus Satisfier

Paradox of choice affects JavaScript economics.

React developers earn less than Angular ones

Flash developers earn less than JavaScript ones

The tools we choose affect our careers.

-But how do we pick the right tool? 🔨

Pick a tool based in a problem.

JavaScript Fatigue versus JavaScript Fat

You might not need ____.js

Whenever a tool is not enough, find new ones, not earlier, not later.

It's always good learning new tools, but never obsess about any  

The overheard of that 1ms performance might not be worthy

More often than not, a product success is not based in technology, but in team effort.

The 5 JS-Fatigue Sins

a.k.a Cinco things ain't cool to do.

A handy list of things to avoid when feeling the paradox of choice doing its work.

I. Judge a person or a project by the use of a tool.

Using jQuery is fine.

II. Blame a tool or (worse) the maintainer by their opinions.

Being mad at a framework is like being mad at a hammer.

III. Refactor an entire project just because you want to play with new toys.

Find a non-crucial project to try tech.

IV. Interview for a role with a tool in mind for the role.

That's like forcing a solution into a problem you might not have.

V. Pick X tool on all projects because you only know X tool.

Keep learning. Keep growing.

Çognitive Biases

Or how to recognise and battle FOMO

Identifying biases in our developer lives

Confirmation bias

Search for, interpret, focus on and remember information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions

“Is ____ better/faster than ____?”

Overconfidence bias

Excessive confidence in one's own answers to questions. Being extremely certain about things without evidence.

“____ is always better than ____ doing that”

Sunk-cost fallacy

When people justify increased investment in a decision based on cumulative prior investment, despite any new developments

“I only do ____ with ____”

To destroy biases, look at yourself and your surroundings.

Are you forcing anyone to do something with a tool...

Because you have only found positive evidence?

Because you think it's better without trying other?

Because you don't know otherwise?

If that happens...

It’s fine.

We are humans learning to speak with machines.

We were never trained to keep up with this much change.

Being wrong is ok. Humility is the way.

You are not being paid to be right, you are paid always do better.


ImpΦstor Syndrome

You are good, you can always be better, but you are never bad.

Not knowing everything is fine

Tool choices are not absolute

JavaScript (Fat)igue

We are victims of the paradox of choice

It's fine not reading all the newsletters

You might not need _______

Never stop learning

Çognitive Biases

Cognitive biases affect your judgement

Confirmation, Overconfidence, Sunk cost, biases that can skew your view.

You are paid to always be learning.

You are good at JavaScript as well.

Thank you



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