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Bringing data into a newsroom

(and not die trying)


Lots of people try and change human nature but it's a real waste of time.


You can't change human nature, but you can change tools, you can change techniques. And that way you can change civilisation.

Stewart Brand

3 main issues


1. Newspapers are strange places



2. Lack of Data Literacy


3. Did you say 'narrative'?


Can a data team be part of the solution?

#1. A multipiscilinary team


#2. Spread the word

#3. Make friends and collaborate

#4. Be usefull to the newsroom

#5. Create databases

#6. Be transparent

#7. Bring exclusive information

#8. Every story can be a data story

#9. Collaborate beyond borders

4 ways 

1. Set a 'Data state of mind'

2. Stop hiring only journalists


3. Collaborate

4. Less Kapuściński,

    more ProPublica




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