Your signalling

recruitment journey

Thanks for considering a career with Network Rail! 

We understand that applying for a new job can feel daunting so we've put together this short guide to give you more information on what to expect and how to to prepare.

Your recruitment journey


As part of your application we'll ask you to complete a set of questions online, you'll need 10 - 20 minutes in a safe, quiet spot where you’re comfortable typing answers to a handful of questions about your interest and understanding of the Signaller role.

To apply for the signalling position you'll need to complete an application on our career's portal and upload the most recent version of your CV.

Application tips

 Research the signaller role you're applying for

Find a safe, quiet spot where you’re comfortable typing answers to a handful of questions about your interest in the role

Make sure your CV is up to date​.


The signaller assessments include:

1 hour (including practise time) Psychometric test

1 hour Live interview

If your application is successful we'll invite you to take two different assessments.

We use these methods because we know they do a better job at selecting the right people for the job than ordinary interviews and they also help us to select people as fairly as possible.

Assessment tips

 Check your internet connectivity and have a pen & paper to hand

 Carefully read the invite, follow any pre-joining instructions and complete all practise and example questions

 Get a good night’s sleep, eat beforehand and stay calm.


Interview tips


  1. Situation
  2. Task
  3. Action
  4. Result

Offer & Onboarding

Once our candidate assessments are complete we'll collate the assessment scores and work with the local operations managers to allocate successful candidates into the positions we have available.

If you're successful you'll then receive a provisional offer, we'll book your medical appointment and begin your pre-employment checks.

If you've not been successful you can request detailed feedback  to help you improve your application for next time.

Once we've completed all the checks we'll confirm your offer, arrange your initial Signaller training and start date ready to welcome you to your first day at Network Rail!