PlotJuggler: learn the basics

Things you will learn

  • Visualize data.
  • Arrange data in multiple plots and tabs.
  • Zoom in multiple ways.
  • Save your layout to reuse it later.
  • More UI tricks...
  1. Open the application with the option "-t" to create some dummy data.
  2. A list of timeseries should be visible on the left panel (tree view).
  3. To plot a series, drag and drop into the plot area using the Left Mouse.
  4. Keep the CTRL key pressed to select multiple series.

Create your first plot

  1.  You can split your view into multiple plots or create new tabs.
  2. Rename a plot or a tab  double-clicking on its name.

Multiple plots and tabs

  1. Click on the name of one of the series in the legend to hide it.
  2. Use the button      on the top-right area to move or hide the legends.
  3. Alternatively, hide a legend individually.
  4. Resize the legends and the list of series using CTRL Key + Mouse Wheel


  1. You can rearrange the plot areas dragging them (use the name area).
  2. Temporarily zoom one of the plot areas "fullscreen"

Rearrange your plots

  1. Click with the Left Mouse to select an area to zoom in.
  2. Using the Mouse Wheel you can zoom either the entire plot or a single axis.
  3. Use the link button       to zoom all the plots at once.


  1. Move the vertical tracker with the Shift Key + Left Mouse.
  2. Note as the values on the second column of the timeseries list are updated.
  3. Alternatively, move the time slider at the bottom.

The vertical "time tracker"

  1. Select two timeseries keeping the CTRL Key pressed.
  2. Drag and drop them using the Right Mouse, instead of the Left one.
  3. Optionally, customize the order or/and the name of this new series.

Combine two timeseries in a "XY plot"

Undo (CTRL+Z keys) and Redo (CTRL+Shift+Z keys)

do what you expect them to do... mind blowing!!!

Undo / Redo

  1. Edit curves color, remove curves and show points.
  2. The vertical limits can be useful to clamp the Y range in the presence of "spikes"

Curves Editor (appearance)

Use "layout" files to save the current state of PlotJuggler

Save/Load the Layout

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