Jupyter Notebooks:

a primer for curators

Jupyter Notebooks:

a primer for curators

Daina Bouquin

Primer authors: Daina Bouquin; Sophie Hou; Matthew Benzing; Lee Wilson

Jupyter Notebooks

composite digital objects used to develop, share, view, and execute interspersed, interlinked, and interactive documentation, equations, visualizations, and code.

Code is
Not Data

Jupyter Notebooks contain code, incorporate data, and require different considerations.

Different Metadata Needed for Different Expectations

  • Minimal Deposit

  • Runnable Deposit

  • Comprehensive Deposit

Repository Suitability

A lot to consider...


  • Are there any existing, accepted deposit types that are conceptually similar to notebooks that would be useful for comparison?

  • Should additional guidance be given for specific aspects of the three types of deposits?

  • Should "additional reading" be annotated in some way?

  • What did we miss?