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Thursday, Oct 29, 2015


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Atlanta Connected Learning seeks to forge connections and community among local educators who are applying digital technologies to pedagogy and the scholarship of teaching and learning. The group hosts meetups, online discussions, and projects maintaining a conversation across institutions of higher ed and k-12 schools to share practices, ideas, and concerns.  By creating a deliberate network across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, we hope to identify and support initiatives that might otherwise wither on the vine.

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Monday, Nov 2


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Unpacking Manuel's

Unpacking Manuel's

Manuel's Tavern, an Atlanta and Democratic Party landmark, is going to be undergoing major renovations in 2016. Before the renovations archivists "will photograph the walls, the bars and the various rooms to document the look and location of art works, photographs, mementos and even the beer cans that have decorated Manuel’s for many years. Key memorabilia will be cleaned and restored. We may even preserve some dust." 

This archiving project is a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary effort that includes Emory, Georgia State, Kennesaw, Atlanta Studies, and ATLCL. They are already gigapanning the walls and doing 3D scans of the entire space and will be creating an interactive site for the archive.

Unpacking Manuel's

One of the main purposes of the project is to have classes do research on the photos and objects in the bar that reflect Atlanta history, culture, and politics. Students will generate public knowledge branching from this found organic archive, which touches on Atlanta's political, social and urban histories.  Viewers could click on an image and then get multimedia info based on the student research. Moving forward, we hope to connect to undergrad classes over the next year to include projects that would do the research. We have a few people who will do some We have a few people who will do some initial key wording of person, place, event to give students a starting point. The projects could be large or small. Maybe archival research finding images and video. Maybe interviewing Manuel's staff about the photos.

Will eventually be in a 3D environment but at first might be in a StoryMap. Here is one of the gigapan walls.

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Spring 2016: Read | Write | Play

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Spring 2015: Experiments in Visual Writing

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