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About me
Dominic Watson

  • Technical Lead @ Pixl8 Interactive
  • Lead developer of Preside
  • Borderline "millenial"
  • Like making bread (but not very good at it)

About Pixl8

  • Web development agency since early 2000's specializing in CMS and web applications for membership style organisations
  • Based in London + Kuala Lumpur

How we see ourselves

A growing competitor for mid to large-scale commercial content platforms; open sourced. We work openly and with integrity to create a platform for and with our community.



Our mission

To build an out-of-box web application foundation that does as much of the laborious, hard and overlooked work for you, accelerating teams as they focus on unique requirements.


To build a community and platform that leads by example; that is a joy to use, a joy to work with and a joy to participate in.

Our vision

Preside solving complex needs for a wide breadth of industries and communities. A well-known name founded on openness and excellence.

So, what is Preside?

Clue: not really just a CMS

But we do CMSy things

Asset management

User logins and perms


Form builder

But, it can all be turned off

Core admin features


Audit trail

Editable system settings

Task manager


API Manager

Rules engine

What does a preside
website look like?

What does a preside
application look like?

Cascading inheritance

Your application (TOP DOG)

Extension 1

Extension 2

Extension 3

Preside core

Let's take a look :)

What's coming in 10.9

  • Coldbox 4
  • Extensions as modules with submodule support
  • Super caching framework
  • Admin building enhancements
    • Context sidebar
    • Super Launcher
    • Single record views
  • REST API Manager (official)

Thanks for listening

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